Nameloc Marketing utilizes a proprietary software program called ListmanPro developed specifically for our list management needs by john knapp computer consulting.

We do all printing and data management in our state of the art data center. Here are some of the features of our technology which sets us apart from our competitors.

High capacity data center utilizing multiple servers.

An in house database of over 20 million constantly updated leads, over 70 thousand zip code and international regions, over 120 million federal do not call records, and over 5 million previous release records so you don't get the same lead twice.

Importable internal do not call ability. Send us your do not call list, or a list of previously called leads in a digital format such as excel, ASCII, or XML and we will add it into your account so you only pay for fresh leads.

Company wide previous release tracking. Even if you have many agents ordering from us they will all get unique leads.

Sophisticated self-adapting genderization and ethnic classification engine based on over 80 thousand unique name records.

Entirely Federal Do Not Call list compliant.

Ability to search on almost any field; gender, ethnicity, title, zip, sic, state, city, region, salutation, etc.